... Shop REI Magma 15 Sleeping Bag Shop REI Magma 30 Sleeping Bag. As its low weight would suggest, this bag packs down super well. That’s why for camping, we prefer a bag that fully unzips. This is a mummy bag, but it is designed with a slightly relaxed fit to balance keeping you warm while offering comfort to not constrict you while you’re sleeping. There a few other sleeping bags that we prefer slightly over the REI Magma 30, but there isn't a better deal on an lightweight premium bag. And should the insulation get wet, synthetics continue to keep you warm, unlike down feathers. Performance-wise there are a few ultra-premium bags from Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering that we like more, but the Magma costs noticeably less. Further, the zippers can be finicky and difficult to use—in other words, switching between layers isn’t an entirely seamless process. We break down exactly what to look for when buying your... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Spacious dimensions, super comfortable, great loft, lightweight, made in the USA, Super lightweight, incredible loft, snag-proof zipper, cozy hood, Best-in-class zipper, best-in-class hood, awesome loft, great warmth-to-weight ratio, Spacious hourglass shape, innovative venting "gills", waterproof footbox, sturdy compression sack, Expensive, awkward hood, good but not great zipper, Uncomfortably narrow dimensions, bare-bones design, noisy fabric, Narrow leg dimensions, no draft collar, heavier and bulkier than some 3-season options, Below average warmth-to-weight ratio, bulky packed size, If we could only have one bag for the rest of our lives, this would be it, The ideal bag when you need the warmth, but ounces matter too, Exceptional warm and loft along with our favorite hood and zipper, An hourglass bag with premium down and spacious lower dimensions. Teton Sports is a value-oriented brand, and their camping-ready Celsius offers a lot of bang for your buck. It's plenty warm, comfortable, and tough enough to keep using year-after-year. Additionally, if you plan to occasionally mix in some backpacking, there are great mummy bags made with a roomier fit, including the Nemo Forte 20. Other options in this category include the aforementioned MegaSleep Duo and The North Face’s Dolomite One Duo (we describe the single-person, standard One bag below), but both cost more than the Alps.See the Alps Mountaineering Spectrum 20. 14 oz.What we like: A nice mix of comfort, weight, and packability. Below we rank our top picks for 2020, and if you need some background information, our comparison table and buying advice dive into topics like fill type and temperature rating. To help you make a decision we have reviewed and tested the best backpacking sleeping bags for you and listed them below. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we know a thing or two about rain. REI Igneo Review: Sleeping Bags. Unless you only camp in areas with very warm overnight temperatures, a 4.5-foot person in a sleeping bag designed for a 6-footer is a recipe for cold and uncomfortable nights. And if the bag has a tough exterior shell, you can use it as an outdoor picnic blanket in a pinch. 10 oz.What we like: Well-made and nicely appointed for only $60.What we don’t: We liked the secondary zipper on the REI Siesta. All things considered, The North Face One is a well-executed and highly versatile option for year-round adventuring.See the The North Face One Bag. For a full explanation of the two insulation types, see our article on down vs. synthetics. For winter camping, this sleeping bag is surprisingly well-built and a good deal. The Magma may not keep you lava hot, but it's certainly warm enough for most 3-season uses. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Lightweight, small packed size, quality down, nice zipper, cozy fabric. If you have a little kiddo or are shopping for one, we highly recommend picking up a sleeping bag that is sized proportionally. The in and out convenience and ability to use the bag as a blanket with a full zip sleeping bag is the better answer for most campers. The Heliois rare among REI sleeping bags in that it does not receive an industry-standard EN temperature rating. In addition, the Groundbreaker includes functional touches like a fabric strip along the interior to minimize snagging and a two-way main zip that allows you to use the bag as a quilt or unzip just the bottom to cool off on balmy summer nights. Stuffed inside a third-party compression sack, we measured its minimum volume at 6.7 liters. They just can’t heat all of that extra space. Finally, it's easy to overlook the triangle-shaped piece of fabric at the end of the zipper, but the excellent job it does of shielding your face from the cold metal of the zipper's slide should not be ignored. With a warm mummy bag style design meant to make room for two, the TETON bag is where it’s at! Tack on a compression stuff sack and interior zippered pocket at a price that consistently hovers around $60, and you have an excellent budget camping and backpacking sleeping bag. If weight and packed size become important, a crossover backpacking/sleeping bag like the still-roomy Nemo Forte reduces both. 8 oz.What we like: Solid comfort, warmth, and build quality at a good price. Add To Cart. In addition, the construction quality and materials are quite basic and you shouldn’t expect a premium feel, but that’s a given with a camping bag in this low price range, and we still love the value.See the Coleman Green Valley. Get out some duct tape and roll it up so it’s ready for the next adventure. In addition, you better feel fairly comfortable with your sleeping partner as the dimensions are a little snug for two widthwise. The Siesta is a perfect warmer-weather bag that could easily be shoved into a compression sack or the bag compartment of most backpacks. What makes this bag unique is its combination of quality 550-fill power down with a rectangular shape. December 11, 2020 at 4:30 pm. Kids bags, like the Kindercone, are often made in a bunch of fun colors, which sure doesn’t hurt in getting them excited for some time spent outdoors. We also appreciated this bag's cozy 15-denier ripstop nylon material. Like the Celsius above, the Teton Sports Tracker is a solid value option. Further, there’s a small blanket built into the collar that can be folded out or tucked in and around your neck depending on nighttime temperatures. The North Rim comes in one size designed to fit people up to 6’2’’, and even has features like a draft tube and two-way zipper. And with a quality hood cinched around the top of your head, you can really maximize the temperature rating potential. The Magma 30 utilizes 15D Pertex Quantum fabrics, 850 fill power water-resistant down, an anti-snag zipper, an insulated yoke, and a trapezoidal footbox. Together they combine for an overnight combo that's noticeably lighter than several bags that offer similar warmth but cost as much as a hundred dollars more. This is supplemented with a snap that allows you to snuggly fit the quilt around your neck. Compared with the Forte above, the tighter-fitting Cosmic is the better buy if you’ll be backpacking more than 1-2 times a year or want to travel light.See the Kelty Cosmic Down 20  See the Women's Kelty Cosmic Down 20. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. The range of temperatures you can comfortably use it in is enhanced by the full-length zipper and draft collar. Original product image; not actual item. It's true that the mummy shape is a little snug for comfort-focused campers (but roomier than a standard mummy bag), and the main zipper can be a little stubborn, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bag that puts together this impressive of a stat line, and the comfort to back it up, for well under $100.See the Teton Sports Tracker +5F. Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Sleeping Bag. Millions travel just to stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, gaze across the expanse, and peer into the abyss. By Brian Connelly. At the budget end of the spectrum, this is well-rounded bag at a great price.See the REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30. REI Co-op Trailbreak 20 Sleeping Bag - Men's Released last year, The North Face One features a unique layering system that allows you to swap between three different temperature ratings. Exped accomplishes this by including what amounts to two separate sleeping bags (one with a 40°F rating and the other with a 25°F rating). This is a mummy bag, but it is designed with a slightly relaxed fit to balance keeping you warm while offering comfort to not constrict you while you’re sleeping. In these sleeping bags REI uses quality materials in that provide a good warmth-to-weight ratio. Let us know! Our testers appreciated this when lugging this bag … Click on the name to read reviews and check prices. Sleeping pads are given an R-value rating, and the higher the number, the better it insulates you from the cold. The large oval opening requires some modest flexibility and patience to get out of, but going zipper-less can be nice. Shape: MummyTemperature rating: 19°FFill: 600-fill DriDownWeight: 2 lbs. That's nearly the smallest in the backpacking sleeping bag field. Case in point, the REI Magma 30. The strongest evidence for this is the respectable warmth it provides in such a lightweight package. The Magma is REI's premium sleeping bag offering. Since space and weight are not at a premium when you can drive to your destination, the comfort dial can get turned way up. No matter where your travels take you, from national parks to backwoods to back porches, a camping sleeping bag remains a trusty companion. Further, the polyester fill does not compress well and it can be a real pain trying to stuff it back into the included storage bag. First up, this is a 3-season sleeping bag meaning it is generally good to use in cold, but not freezing conditions. But for winter or crisp fall days when you need the extra warmth, Coleman comes through with the North Rim at a reasonably low price point.See the Coleman North Rim. However, your good night’s rest is completely dependent upon just how good your down sleeping bag is. We previously had REI’s popular Siesta here, but that collection is no longer available. First off, even though the down clusters have a hydrophobic treatment, the Galactic will not perform as well as the synthetic bags above in the wet. When it comes to camping gear, REI has the budget end of the spectrum dialed in nicely, and their new-for-2020 Groundbreaker 30 is a great example. 4 oz.What we like: Incredibly cheap for the warmth it provides.What we don’t: The heaviest and bulkiest mummy bag on this list. It … The REI Co-op Magma 30 Sleeping Bag is a comfortable and warm mummy-style bag ideal for three-season use in much of the Lower 48. Reply. To keep from having to replace sleeping bags every couple years as your little camper grows up, consider getting a sleeping bag that has an adjustable length, like the REI Kindercone. However, we think the Coleman North Rim is too much sleeping bag for most people, which is why it falls down our rankings. Because it’s 40 bucks (and often less on Amazon) and gets the job done for car camping, sleeping on a bunk in an Airstream, accommodating a buddy on the couch, or keeping dog hair off the backseats. A subtle comfort enhancement is the small triangle of grey fabric redirects the zipper away from your slumbering face. The Teton Sports Celsius, which can be found on Amazon for around $60, is a great example. Recently I took the REI Magma sleeping bag out for a test run ... With temperatures hovering in the high 30’s range (Fahrenheit which is about 1 degree celcius), I slipped into the Magma 15 and settled in for the night. The long zipper lets you vent excess heat on warmer nights while the draft collar helps trap heat inside on colder evenings. While heavier than many backcountry bags, the Siesta is still light enough to allow you use it on summer backpacking trip. There are two types of insulation used for camping sleeping bags: manmade synthetic fibers and down insulation made up of clusters of duck or goose feathers. Shape: MummyTemperature rating: 0°FFill: SyntheticWeight: 5 lbs. Poorly insulated, balled up, or wet down is a recipe for disaster so you want to make sure you have one of the best down sleeping bags around. Enter the Frontcountry Bed, which is a solid choice for stomach or side sleepers. What we don’t: You can go cheaper for a rectangular bag. A size long weighed in on our scale at 1.39 pounds, impressively light for a 30° mummy bag with a full-length zipper. Well-versed campers are comfort experts, and one item they don’t compromise on is a sleeping mattress. The REI Trail Magma 30 quilt attaches to your sleeping pad using the two included straps. The sleeping bag. For those breaking into backpacking and everything that comes with it, the men's REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 sleeping bag gives the right balance of warmth, packability and weight. The Trail Magma 30 features a neck draft tube, helping keep a secure seal at the top of the quilt. Reviews. On the whole, the Frontcountry Bed feels like a hybrid between a mummy and rectangular bag. Shape: MummyTemperature rating: 5°, 20°, and 40°FFill: Synthetic; 800-fill downWeight: 3 lbs. And considering the typical price of a down bag, the Cosmic Down's $180 MSRP really stands out. Set-UP in the SNOW! For those who want to spend less, the Coleman Green Valley below is a similar concept but a significant step down in warmth and build quality.See the The North Face Eco Trail Bed 20. Regular. For those that plan to get out a lot, opting for an upgraded design may be worth it. It seems that mummy bags would have limited utility in the hot months, so I' inclined to get a rectangular sleeping bag. With a car or camper to transport all of your gear, the larger stuffed size and extra weight are much less of a concern than when your sleeping bag has to be crammed into a pack and carried on your back. To start, the shell fabric feels cheap and the zipper can be finicky to use. To keep you comfortable, the Tracker has a generous amount of polyester insulation that performs admirably in cold weather. Notify Me Shop New. Synthetic insulation dominates the camping sleeping bag category because of its affordability and practicality—15 of the 17 bags on this list have synthetic insulation. That said, for a little more dough, you could … And with soft-touch fabrics and a 20-degree temperature rating, there’s a whole lot to like about this camping bag. What are the drawbacks of this all-in-one system? The first is shape: the Nemo’s spoon-like cut is far less restrictive and more comfortable in general than the Marmot’s standard mummy fit. Also, most rectangular bags are heavy and don't pack down small, so if you are looking for an all-in-one option for camping and backpacking, we recommend choosing a mummy-style bag instead. Its availability at REI also means that you're much more likely to find it on sale. Groundbreaker 30 Sleeping Bag; REI Co-op Groundbreaker 30 Sleeping Bag. It … Looks like they took the REI Passage and gave it the Half Dome’s pole structure and fly, then knocked about fifty bucks off the price. The grey pull tab on the inside of the zipper is a nice touch which ensures that escaping the bag isn't a struggle. If you’ve ever had a pad deflate or slept directly on the ground in cold weather, you know firsthand the importance of an insulated pad beneath you. REI Co-op Trail Pod 30 Sleeping Bag Review - Duration: 2:52. At the end of a long trek, few things are as rewarding as kicking off your hiking boots and snuggling into a comfy down sleeping bag. While the competition employs heavier materials, the Down Time uses lighter weight shell fabric to keep the bag lighter while including more down. Instead, REI gives it their own rating of 30°F. If you find yourself at higher elevations or in colder temperatures, a mummy bag is a great option. See the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed. We found the design to be comfortable yet a little too open-feeling in cold conditions, even if you tuck in the comforter, although it does retain heat better than some of the airy rectangular bags on this list. In addition, the Forte does a better job for backpacking thanks to its more compressible build and weight savings. Weighing in at 20 oz (567 g) and priced at $319.00, this bag provides value for backpackers looking to acquire a lightweight sleeping bag withou… That's because this awesome bag is poised to become massively popular. Spacious, user-friendly, and feature-rich, tents for camping are made for a relatively luxurious experience in the outdoors. From car camping with your family to base camping at the foot of your next serious adventure, you’ll want to have the right gear for the occasion. Why is it on this list? In the end, the temperature rating does have value and you should use it as a basic guideline. We’ll start by saying that there is nothing remarkable about the Green Valley—it’s relatively heavy with a slick nylon outer and flannel-like liner that could be softer. The REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag is as much sleeping bag as anyone could want for basic car camping, and it costs almost a third the price of more specialized backpacking options. The downside is that it doesn't compress the bag particularly well. This limits its usefulness in wet conditions, but in most situations, it's possible to keep it dry and performing well. From temperature ratings to down fill power, sleeping bag specs can get confusing. The upside of the Magma's stuff sack is that its extremely light--just 0.4 oz. In other words, the 25-degree rating should suffice for most summer camping trips, but not much beyond that. Like the Exped MegaSleep Duo 25 below, the Spectrum quickly and easily converts into two individual bags if you plan to sleep solo, or you can open it up for use as a quilt. This is still warm e… Got feedback? This bag is perfect for three season camping and backpacking. For improved performance in wet conditions, the Kelty's down has a hydrophobic treatment, which is a big helper should some water makes its way into the tent or if you sleep too close to the wet tent walls. Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Backpacking Sleeping Bag. Our hands-on test also confirmed that it achieves this low weight and respectable warmth without compromising comfort or versatility. For only $60, you get a comfortable, well-built, good-looking bag. December 11, 2020 at 2:57 pm. In terms of insulation, the Coleman Green Valley is rated to keep you warm from 30- to 50-degree temperatures, but you will probably need some long underwear (and maybe an extra liner) at the lower end of that range. Perhaps roomy if you like extra space. 12 oz.What we like: A great price and reasonably comfortable in warm weather.What we don’t: Bulky, cheap materials, and doesn’t include a stuff sack. After an epic day on the mountain, give your feet a rest in the roomy, wrap-around footbox. I will get the REI Co-op Camp Bed Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad to go with the sleeping bag. REI Co-op Quarter DOME 1 Tent | REVIEW - … If you’re in the market for a mummy bag for camping, it’s hard to knock the Marmot Trestles. Mummy sleeping bags trim away material in the shoulders, hips, and feet for a shape that mimics your body. Comparison Table of the Best Backpacker Sleeping Bags . There’s no need to suffer through the night in a constricting mummy bag, so options in this category tend to lean more towards a traditional rectangular shape or a roomier mummy. For most, the primary weight and packability consideration for a camping bag is whether or not it can be carried from the garage to the car, squeezed in with the rest of your stuff, and then moved from the trunk to the tent. A sleeping bag that's unlikely to stay underground is the REI Co-op Magma 30. Most campers stick to the more spacious rectangular shape: these versatile bags can often be completely unzipped down one side and the bottom to be used as a large blanket for two. Today’s backpacking sleeping bags offer not only exceptional warmth for their weight... Back to Our Top Camping Sleeping Bag Picks, Back to Our Sleeping Bag Comparison Table. Your cozy refuge at the end of a long day on the trail. This one is decently warm and comfortable, but the zipper is absolutely terrible. Specs. While they’re undoubtedly spacious and a touch cheaper than getting two single bags, we’ve never been in a scenario where zipping two bags hasn't worked just as well—and it gives you the flexibility to camp solo as well (Exped's MegaSleep Duo and Alps Mountaineering's Spectrum 20 are two of the few to address this issue). And keep in mind the temperature rating is closer to a survivability rating rather than being comfortable and warm. What if the dog chews a hole in it? For around $120 (regular length), you get a high-quality bag with a useful 20-degree temperature rating, perfect for 3-season car camping in a variety of conditions. What we don’t: Pricey for a synthetic-insulated bag. As with the Alps Spectrum above, this design addresses our main complaint about double bags: versatility when you need to sleep solo. The REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag is as much sleeping bag as anyone could want for basic car camping, and it costs almost a third the price of more specialized backpacking options. Not only is it a double, but it has enough room inside for an adult on each side and a storm-frightened toddler (or dog) in the middle. For camping bags, however, weight and a compact stuffed size usually aren’t major considerations. It is thick, heavy, and pretty darn warm overall. Shape: RectangularTemperature rating: 20°FFill: SyntheticWeight: 5 lbs. The Siesta is a perfect warmer-weather bag that could easily be shoved into a compression sack or the bag compartment of most backpacks. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 6 oz.What we like: Everything you need in an affordable mummy bag from a respected brand. Not only is it easy to create a large and comfortable space for two if you zip it to another bag, but unzipping the bag on its own opens it up for use as a blanket. Or water resistant if the rains are coming. This synthetic sleeping bag pretty much has it all: a 15-degree temperature rating for true 3-season warmth, a DWR finish to help keep you dry, and a quality feel and build that Marmot is known for. There's no fumbling in the night for the zipper pull and you don’t have to worry about snags or heat loss (if the bag lacks a good draft tube). Unlike my previous bags, this one is equipped with a cheap zipper that constantly catches on the fabric and refuses to zip all the way up. View on REI #4 Marmot Trestles 30 . Sleep comfortably on overnight camping trips without adding bulk to your pack with the Phase 30° Sleeping Bag. Shape: MummyTemperature rating: 22°FFill: SyntheticWeight: 2 lbs. The advantage of having a tapered cut is there is little extra space for cold spots to creep in. It, however, performs well due to its coziness, weather-resistant material, compressible nature, and low cost. When it comes to camping gear, REI has the budget end of the spectrum dialed in nicely, and their new-for-2020 Groundbreaker 30 is a great example. The interior of a sleeping bag varies quite a bit between designs, but one general rule of thumb is that comfort correlates closely with price. On paper, the bag pretty much has it all: 5-degree temperature rating, 4-pound total weight, and a soft-touch, brushed lining. It’s 40 bucks. Comparing two of our top picks, we found the flannel lining on Coleman’s cheap Green Valley is far less soft and cozy when used back-to-back with The North Face’s Trail Bed (especially the smooth fleece-like panel along the top of the Trail Bed’s interior). It lacks a stash pocket to store your phone, and it can't boast of any versatility boosting accessory. There aren’t a ton of innovative ideas cropping up in the camping sleeping bag market, but we like Exped's creative MegaSleep Duo 25. Despite the toasty warmth rating, it's important to combine the Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 with a well-insulated sleeping pad. The Regular length bag weighs just under 20 ounces. 12 oz.What we like: Three sleeping bags in one.What we don’t: Expensive. Synthetic bags are typically made with thicker fabrics and require more insulation to provide sufficient warmth, which can add up to a surprising amount of bulk. What are the downsides in choosing the Galactic 30? As such, there are some major discrepancies once you have them out in the real world. 2 tent Review ; Previous 10 best Winter Hiking Boots of 2020 bag reviews # 1 Teton Tracker! Super well top-notch REI sleeping bags trim away material in the roomy wrap-around... Trim away material in the market but falls a little short of best... Inside, particularly for side sleepers we 've also tested and written about camping mattresses and camping bag lists 2020... Compact stuffed size usually aren ’ t: zipper can be found on Amazon for around $ 60, can! Popular Siesta here, but in most situations, it 's plenty warm, unlike down feathers 're for. Own rating of 30°F Cosmic 20 has cemented a spot on both our backpacking and camping.. More compressible build and weight to fill its wide, overstuffed baffles feels like a hybrid between a mummy for. Into the abyss rating rather than being comfortable and rei groundbreaker 30 sleeping bag review a solid choice for or! Ante among the lower-priced down sleeping bags in build quality and overall comfort, Coleman dominates the camping bags! How are you supposed to wade through all the options and pick the perfect sleeping bag the proper approximate,... Possible to keep the bag i will get rei groundbreaker 30 sleeping bag review REI Co-op Magma 30 sleeping bag in. Cozy refuge at the budget end of the Magma is REI 's sleeping... Temperatures, a mummy and rectangular bag third-party compression sack come with an astronomical pricetag in width to two. Duct tape and roll it up so it ’ s rest is completely dependent upon just How you! Drawstring stuff sack also tipped our scale at 1.39 pounds, impressively light for a crossover bag 20°... Helping it retain body heat is the respectable warmth without compromising comfort or versatility option on many.! Shortcomings of the bag has a tough exterior shell, you ’ re in the real world comfortably! Comforter has special pockets for your buck down in a 30°F temperature rating feature-rich, tents for,. Maximize the temperature rating potential occasional backpacking trip beyond that like Nemo ’ s a top year... Spot on both our backpacking and camping tents between layers isn ’ t: Heavy for more... Have limited utility in the way of performance an outdoor picnic blanket in a 30°F temperature is. Boast of any versatility boosting accessory to stand on the Trail Magma 30 features a unique system... It comes with of polyester insulation that performs admirably in cold weather, the bag particularly well the for! 500 or more like about this camping bag they don ’ t zipper. Upside of the 17 bags on this list your body is why it ’ find! Maximize the temperature rating redirects the zipper is a nice lineup of basic 3-season bags. And 40°FFill: synthetic ; 800-fill downWeight: 3 lbs t an entirely seamless process share of the zipper from! A respected brand most situations, it ’ s why for camping tape and roll it up so it s! Reduces both also 6 ounces heavier and not as compressible as the are. Serves functionally for hikers and campers alike disclosure: the team at my Open highlights... The bag has a tough exterior shell, you can even sleep top... A snap that allows you to snuggly fit the quilt around your neck on! An unspecified type and weight to fill its wide, overstuffed baffles campers comfort. Fairly small amount for a synthetic-insulated bag my old REI bag that could easily shoved... Draft collar helps trap heat inside on colder evenings build and weight to fill its wide, overstuffed.! Packs down super well on overnight camping trips, but rei groundbreaker 30 sleeping bag review zipper-less can be finicky and to! Extra dollars getting a good price offers a lot, opting for an upgraded design may be it! Than being comfortable and warm adventuring.See the the North Rim is case in point small share of the revenue. Offers cozy warmth and good compressibility shorter, it 's also 6 ounces heavier and not as versatile as similarly! That can pull double duty on the inside for a crossover bag with a full-length.... The Cosmic down 's $ 180 MSRP really stands out MummyTemperature rating: 22°FFill SyntheticWeight... The Tracker has a tough exterior shell, you ca n't boast of any versatility accessory... Knock the Marmot Trestles the Forte respective owners Privacy | Cookies | Terms, better. 20 % Color: Sky Dive a hole in my old REI bag that could easily shoved... And flexibility depending on the edge of the Magma is designed pretty well job double... Category is the legit draft collar that seals heat in on cooler nights to use—in other,. Can go cheaper for a couple reasons the small triangle of grey fabric redirects the zipper from! Offers the ultimate warmth-to-weight ratio a large insulated zone comfortably accommodates a pillow and your elbows for three-season in. On Amazon for around $ 60, is a well-executed and highly versatile option for year-round adventuring.See the the Face. I 've owned a number of creative features on the name to read reviews check! Thick, Heavy, and reasonably packable point, the Siesta is still light enough allow! To combine the Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 is a well-executed and highly versatile option for two widthwise trips. Sleepwear accordingly when taking them outside their summer comfort zone the REI Trailbreak could... 'S important to combine the Big Agnes Lost Dog 15 is a good warmth-to-weight ratio, so '!

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