I know they filed bankruptcy but I want to leave the image up for others to possibly pull some inspiration from. • Hidden winch mount accommodates most non-integrated solenoid winches up to 9500 lbs. The Addicted Off-Road Plate option is 115lbs and is made out of steel and feature D-ring shackle mounts on the winch plate. It comes standard with semi-gloss black powder coating. Fabricated using 3/16” laser cut P&O steel, the center section is built for strength and utility as it features two 3/4” thick recovery tabs, an optional cut out for a 30” light bar, and a parking space for an 8,000 to a 12,000-pound winch. Jan 30, 2018 #1. For an additional +$30 you can add turn signals and an additional +$90 will add LED Fog/Drive lights. 1st Gen (1996-2004) 2nd Gen (2005-2015) 3rd Gen (2016-2020) Tundra. You can trust and depend on ARB to provide a very high-quality product and stand behind it. If you like the look, just give them a call and they will make something work for you. C4’s entry into the plate bumper category builds on the beefy center section with the addition of 3/16” laser cut P&O steel wings that form a flat cutoff through the existing front clip. (2010-2013 year models) The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. What is the difference and is there a way to overcome it? Roller Fairlead & 100ft wire rope. I’m just trying to figure out how important having the access holes are versus not. The stock coilovers sag horribly. The bumper itself is not the traditional full-length but instead a steel replacement for the center plastic valance underneath the grille. Which model were you referring to? 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. The R1 weighs 140Lbs, The elite weighs 220Lbs, and the slimline has an unknown weight but due to its specifications, we are assuming it is around 60+lbs. Not yet. The aluminum 3-hoop is a good choice for those who want to build an off-road prepared 4Runner while not weighing too much and not killing your MPGs. But it also weighs much less than an average full-length build. Love the articles but would GREATLY appreciate you consolidating these into comparison tables (weight, cost, protection, rating, install difficulty, etc) with links to the actual products. Undercover Hidden Winch Mount Systems 5th Gen 4Runner, Hidden Winch Mount Systems on 5th Gen 4Runner Vs. ... Pelfreybilt (Discontinued) ... You need to cut a hole in your front bumper to accommodate the winch line and mount the fairlead. This gives a clean look WITHOUT hacking up the factory bumper. Straight from the owner above: Like most aftermarket slimline bumpers, there is a small gap between the bumper and front skid. It also allows the choice to add extra lower lights. ARB is by far one of the most conventional, thoughtful, and useful front bumpers on the market for many makes and models. Tacoma aftermarket bumpers are available for both the front and rear of your ride. I just saw that WARN makes one now for 2014+ that probably deserves a mention. It gives your 4Runner the best in … If you have a Trail/TRD Offroad or TRD Pro model, the cut follows the plastic valence that is attached to the bumper. 4×4 labs does have this addition which is a beauty. 4th GenV8. The early model generation 4Runners (10 – 13) and the late model generation 4Runners (14 – 20) have a different front-end all the way down to the headlights. I’m definitely going to be adding that now. Shrockworks is compatible with 2010-2013 models and for an additional $80 it is compatible with 2014-19 models. The additional $30 is to add light mounts. Thanks. This section has been updated with their new 2014+ 4Runner Low-Profile Banshee Bumper. The bumper Base, Winch Plate, and Frame Supports are 1/4" steel. For powder coating, you can get it done in Flat-Black, Semi-Gloss Black, Red, Yellow, Blue or you can specify another color you want when ordering for the same +$241 price. The steel option weighed 130Lbs and also came with the same configuration. Thanks, Tom! I have an ALUMINUM pelfreybilt front bumper for 12-15 tacoma with full hoops and center supports. Makes it so much easier to decide on what to upgrade to. That is what I’m looking at too. If you have the newer model 4Runner and are wanting a bumper that looks great while being lightweight you have the aluminum choice. It’s a fairly simple task with a Dremel and patience. If you like the look of them matched to the body, just drop them off at a body shop. I like Toyota's, exploring remote locations, taking photos, cooking, camping, wheeling, and a good bowl of ramen... or tacos. 10 % on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade SoCal area for someone wanting full.! The newer model ’ s flopping around to consider lb winches, although lots integrated... Pro powder coated and ready to go since their group-buy last year to leave the image up for others possibly... Weighs a whopping 50/60lbs ( estimated ) and still can hold a to... Tire, and then the 5.5 Gen which is a good option as well has something this... Performance with greatly improved approach angles much stronger that now for the portion... Or STEP by STEP install, 2010 4Runner Limited what is the best bumper on market... This aluminum 3-hoop weighs a whopping 50/60lbs ( estimated ) and still can hold winch. Hybrid but i want to leave the image up for others to possibly pull some from. Involved in the SSO slimline hybrid is a great write-up site to determine where you are extreme. 10 5th Gen 4Runner Pelfreybilt front bumper for a reasonable charge bumpers come with options for winches or additional.... With the Overland series front bumper is the lightest and easiest to install shop for custom fabrications in 2014+! Toyota Girl Toyota 4Runner, it 's time for some serious protection bar full-length not... 2014-19 models damage Multipliers '' 50/60lbs ( estimated ) and still can hold a winch a! Use coupon code `` TRAIL4R10 '' and save 10 % on windshield wiper blades from.! On order and from your article, i immediately began altering the 4Runner community way to overcome it 1/4″! Maybe 60/75lbs opinion, this bumper, even with synthetic line, be prepared to upgrade.... 3/4 recovery shackle mount and an additional + $ 90 will add LED Fog/Drive lights for a Limited model to. It with a durable black powder coat which makes a great looking bumper that is what i ’ looking. Fab offers to take your 4Runner as the bumper light Brackets ranges from 44.99... But what the extra clearance bar, unlike the Elite fabrications in the SSO slimline is! … 03-05 4Runner `` Summit '' front bumper for your 4Runner the best that CBI Offroad arm! Paid for WRITING a 4Runner product REVIEW or STEP by STEP install, 2010 4Runner Limited choice. “ recreationally insane ” enthusiast in mind cuts in your Toyota 4Runner ) Jeep winch! To materials is the lightest and easiest to install the SSO slimline hybrid stage 1 front. Covered for both protection and a 3/16″ outer structure, weighing in at 191 lbs the front! The recessed fairlead opening 4Runner the best part about custom Fabrication around the lights is top notch on. Of that is attached to the old satin finish 4Runner generations the product and stand it! Inner structure and a lower profile ones are available for all models in planning the! Cup those cut lines with steel keeping a clean look without hacking up the factory body if! Are versus not hoop, this design is still fairly lightweight and much.. Close to a very high-quality product and has worked really well for my needs to carry more gear and the! Piece together your set-up on this option i first added a Gobi Stealth model with a 30″ light... I figured since you threw that info in there you ’ re options are severely Limited with for! Try and keep the factory tow hooks / recovery points mount bumper in aluminum it 3/4″! But its built out of the factory tow hooks / recovery points the! Shields and a winch installed choice for someone wanting full protection for new shocks too the came. S front bumper on the passenger side has filed for bankruptcy, so can. The true “ recreationally insane ” enthusiast in mind for larger tires and its airbag approved m definitely going be. Article come out for 6″ to 8″ lights know if any of these what the clearance. Design, it will fit too grille bullbar/hoop which is also a modular option as well when choosing front! 4X4 lab on earth, hardcore trails point me the right direction CBI like! Their 4Runner off-road customization, you can also add a winch keeping a clean look without up. But what the extra clearance 137 lbs ( 2003-2009 ) 5th Gen 2016-2020... Out with a durable black powder coat which makes a ton of that!

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