A Bond, Dire, Myth

När jag fyllde 30 firade jag med en Halloween-fest. Gästerna fick gå en tipsrunda där de bland annat fick försöka lista ut de tre magiska orden. Ledtrådarna var en dikt, uppdelad i fem delar. Den första delen förklarade uppgiften, den andra gav ledtrådar till de tre orden och de tre sista handlade om vart och ett av orden.

Into the rain, into the darkness
A journey you must make
On this night, All Hallows Eve
The Spirits are awake
Avoid their eyes and shun their touch
But do not incur their wrath
To make it through, just keep in mind
The fire lights you path
Use your wits, complete your task
And never lose your speed
But to fully make it through the quest
The Magic Words you’ll need

The Demons watch, The Spirits know
You struggle to repent
Mindful friends or evil foes?
These letters they present
When rearranged a message forms
The one that sets you free
Trust yourself to find the way
The words you seek are three
And although horror fill your veins
To you will come no harm
Just close your eyes and rest a while
Upon The Angel’s arm

In the second month of every year
The day when it is hallowed
But many think that human greed
Just makes it all to shallow
Whatever thoughts, you have yourself
Make sure you nurse it well
Without it there is only death
Demise that leads to Hell

From ancient times, to modern day
Knowledge lights our road
Ridding us of superstition
Cracking nature’s code
Science grows when we evolve
Like man once conquered fire
In time we’ll have the universe
If we let our thoughts inspire

To find out what us humans crave
Turn to our source of pleasure
No matter what we think or say
This is what we treasure
Exposed and watched, always desired
The shelter of our lust
But when we’re put into our graves
It’ll quickly turn to dust