A full catalogue of 400 climbing holds. The climbing holds available in polyurethane will have the following symbol: It all began in 1996. On most walls, climbing holds are arranged in paths, called routes, by specially trained route setters.Climbing holds come in a large array of sizes and shapes … One of the best known climbers in Czech and Slovak republic Andrej Chrastina started his experiments with making climbing holds. Anyway, whichever holds you decide to buy, good luck and have fun! We have found two suppliers, ArtLine and eXpression, who both deliver climbing holds with the highest quality in Europe and constantly develop new climbing holds, new shapes and new types. instagram facebook Company info. This method of production provides very light and flexible holds and is so strong it is virtually unbreakable. Low profile. See more ideas about climbing, rock climbing, bouldering. TNUT CLIMBING: First-class climbing holds designed and made in Western Australia. Email. Ian Powell, Jimmy Webb, Peter Juhl, Jeremy Ho, William Watkins, Dan Yagmin, Alex Puccio, Griffin Whiteside, Jackie Hueftle, Keith Dickey, Will … Hello and welcome to our web site. In the past the stated objective of climbing hold manufacturers was to reproduce natural rock structures as accurately as … The massive climbing center in Tromso, is one of the largest climbing facilities not only in Norway but in this part of Europe. Making holds since 1996. Our online store features easy shopping, fast shipping, and great customer service. Dual texture. They are known for manufacturing the best volumes in the world and often found in high profile competitions. A climbing hold is a shaped grip that is usually attached to a climbing wall so climbers can grab or step on it. Climbingholds.shop was developed in France and in Poland in 2017, by a multinational team of climbers who has one main goal: to make your climbing … Shapes and colors of climbing holds. This is where form meets function meets design. At the beginning the company was called a.9 and Andrej was making holds from epoxy. We have always made climbing holds, just for our own centre, using the original methods and materials. Metolius Modular Climbing Holds. Obviously more holds provide more different possibilities for moves and variations, which should make your wall more interesting, and less holds less so. You'll need something to hold onto when your climbing ...and if there aren't any rocks available then climbing holds are a pretty darn good idea. At ArtLine and eXpression, the climbing holds are produced in collaboration with some of the most skilled climbers around the world. Grip a Rock produces their holds from real, rainbow sandstone rock that have been styled with a screw-on securing system. The combined climbing wall suffice spreads over 2 200 square meters, but the space still has an open and fresh feel to it. View our full selection of indoor climbing holds. This climbing facility is not for the faint of heart. Big, bold holds available in 11 stock colors and dozens of custom colors. Nicros Simple Climbing Jugs 10. We are proud to distribute the Ready holds line in the USA and Canada.
The Vertex Series represent a different image. Climbing Holds are resin shaped grips/features that come in all shapes and sizes, for use on all manner of indoor or outdoor climbing walls. Each space and goal is unique, so we really need to get to know about you and your project. With every type of climbing imaginable (trad, sport, bouldering, alpine, ice, mixed) at every grade, it’s impossible to narrow the options down to just a few routes. Entre-Prises, the world’s leading manufacturer of climbing walls and holds, provides support to climbing facility, school wall and competition wall projects, and much more more besides. Country As you can see, there are so many things to keep in mind when purchasing a set of climbing holds. The original Beacon climbing hold range, tried and tested on climbing walls throughout the UK and Europe for over 25 years. The revolutionary Stone climbing hold system differs markedly from all existing rock climbing holds. Ready Holds is the newest brand from the "360 Holds" brand in Europe. Some quality tools made to boost route-setter’s creativity and lead … "Stock items" generally ship in 1-3 weeks. Nov 12, 2019 - Explore Jenifer Lorens's board "Climbing holds" on Pinterest. Email: info@climb-holds.com ... Europe, and elsewhere. AIX offer holds made of polyester or polyurethane. Court Ljubljana - deposit: 1/33911/00 Identification Nr: 1581759 VAT Nr: SI58850066 . The artistic shapes you find from eGrips have been used in competition and in commercial facilities for over 20 years, which speaks to the functional brilliance and durability of their holds. Our climbing hold range is continually growing with over 1537 shapes to choose from and 16 different colour options. Training with climbing holds should not only be fun, effective and varied, safety should also play an important role. Welcome to Core Climbing British made Climbing Holds - designed, carved and manufactured in Sheffield, England. Climbingholds.shop. Join our Redpoint Rewards loyalty program now to earn up to 8% back. Through the new e-shop, trying to present climbing holds and volumes from the world's best holds companies such as AIX, Xcult, Flathold, Cheeta, Expression, Artline, Moon and more. Artistic grips for artificial climbing. Made of resistant polyurethane, reinforced with stainless steel washers and engineered with screw holes to prevent spinning holds. We are passionate about making inspiring climbing grips that look and feel great to climb on. The leader in Climbing wall crash matting. Polyurethane is the ideal material for producing large climbing holds. 2.7K likes. Ready Holds is the newest brand from the "360 Holds" brand in Europe. We are proud to distribute the Ready holds line in the USA and Canada. Interested by our products, ask for the price list. Considered the birthplace of climbing, Europe is, without a doubt, one of the best places to visit if you’re looking to get on some rock. SNAP Holds, a collection with unique and refined shapes. Social. All Content © by Revolution and blocSyndicate Ltd.. Imprint ProHold 22 Assorted Kids Climbing Holds 9. They are known for manufacturing the best volumes in the world and often found in high profile competitions. The Grip a Rock 20-piece rock climbing hold pack is by far the most authentic rock climbing holds you’re going to find on the market — because they’re real rock. These manufacturers are producing holds for top-level international competitions. Climbing holds are more than just an excuse to indulge an artist’s creative sculptures, they are a fully functioning, living part of the climbing wall and gym. 5. For a traversing wall it is again 10 holds per meter of length. +420-284-093 400 (8:00-16:00) info@aix.cz AIX … TopNew 22 Rock Climbing Holds 11. The Phoenix is flat and slopey. Manufacturer of climbing holds, finger boards and bouldering gear. So iLL features the greatest rock climbing shoes, climbing apparel, climbing holds, and climbing training products. The eshop offer is complemented by training boards, skin repair bars CLIMB ON, climbing guides and other accessories for climbing. The production of holds using this material was introduced in Europe around 2010. Schlamberger P & J d.o.o Novo Polje c. X/13 1260 Ljubljana Slovenia . Excalibur Climbing Tower – Groningen, The Netherlands. Climbing Holds are excellent at imitating the real thing found on rock, making them great for training and for getting stronger! Chao Climbing is a small crew of climbers from Slovenia, Europe. Kilter award winning rock climbing holds for indoor climbing gyms, home walls and comps. Our climbing holds are produced by world-class manufacturers that you can trust to provide the highest level of consistency and quality, including Aragon USA and Composite X in Europe, and Volx in France. In our strive to climb even better and enjoy the variety of moves that climbing offers, we decided to shape and produce our own holds, pull on them and eventually came out to sell and share them with the climbing community - kind of adding our deal into endless mosaic of creating climbing moves. That’s why our top pick is the Metolius Foundation Hold Sets. Welcome to Kingdom Climbing, your first stop for oversize, king-size climbing holds. AIX holds are inspired by nature in their quest for new shapes. The sport of rock climbing is a lesson in how humans take an ancient activity and run with it. We currently stock Bleaustone, Moon and Metolius holds for a nice selection of slopers, jugs, pockets, crimps and screw-ons. The Excalibur climbing tower in Groningen, The Netherlands, spans 121 feet from base to tip, making it the tallest free-standing climbing structure in northern Europe. In 2019, next to Fontainebleau forest, SNAP HOLDS was born with different series of holds and volumes designed for and by route-setters.

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