Thanks so much for your unendingly perfect recipes. Looks like a fabulous dish. Thanks Deb for always opening us up to new culinary treats! I always consult the metric conversion charts online, but they don’t all say the same thing. @Homegirl Well, I made the cauliflower cake and it came out looking exactly the way it looks in the picture.But it was very dense and heavy. focaccia sandwiches for a crowd. Well, that day never came. We’ve gotten a few days of meals out of it. thanks so much, and also for highlighting Yotam– I never heard of him before but I am now a big fan! Also, thanks for the nice tweet before! I have such mombrain these days; I barely remember making it! Funny, I had to go to like 5 stands before I could find some and it was not the best. This, though, looks amazing. Does this freeze well? Thanks for sharing :-). I realize you are feeding a nest full of open mouths now, however there are few times when I would have the occasion to make something so big, since I live alone. Do you think the cauliflower could be replaced with broccoli? C’est délicieux ! I tweaked it a bit by roasting the cauliflower the night before and using leeks instead of onions (which were in my CSA box last week). You’d probably not want to go over 1 1/4 cups romano and I will update that now. Oh, and I used the entire container of grated Parmesan that my thoughtful boyfriend bought yesterday — it was less than the amount in the recipe, but it’ll be fine, I’m sure (and I’ll buy a new container today to replace it). The savoury cheese, stellar notes of black pepper and subtle rosemary in the background all combined for a lovely entree joined by steamed asparagus and baby potatoes. Will definitely see a repeat performance! I substituted raw sesame seeds which browned beautifully. Thanks! Yum! scallions? Even better now that I know I don’t have to buy a new pan. Or maybe just make a regular quiche, the spinach quiche recipe here is lovely with or without the crust. (I’d been hoping to get it softer because I wanted the extra for a baby snack.) Really excellent. Why did you choose to do this, or am I just imagining things? I must go soon…, This looks wonderful! It was delicious. Good. Thanks! I hope others have the same success in freezing the cake. Anyway, after it spent a lot more time heating back up in the oven and cooking, it did eventually pass the clean-knife-test and was terrific. All of those spices and herbs sound amazing! I love a quiche, and I love cauliflower! Yes, yes, yes. I love how he starts every recipe with a one-sentence tantalizing summary: “Sweet, spicy and smoky, every mouthful is a voyage of discovery.” “A gorgeous, unctuous pyramid pointing all the way to heaven.” Just makes me smile :-) I can see why he’s so popular! I was all thrown when my e-mail read cauliflower and cake in the same recipe :) Sounds like a great dinner, love the poppy seeds on the outside! Place floret in a pot with a teaspoon of salt, cover them with water and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, until quite soft. Very tasty and I loved the sesame seeds. I’ll be trying this recipe tonight. I use them weekly. I know that cauliflower is endlessly versatile and wonderful, but it definitely has taken some time to embed that fact into my mind. ‎05-02-2018 this looks sooo good, I am going to attempt this on the weekend! I am a lover of cauliflower, my husband not so much so I often don’t cook with it. Ooops, I meant sesame seeds… I think my brain turned off after lunch! Thanks, J’ai testé cette recette sans mettre le pourtour de graines de sésame noire. Because I often feel more than overwhelmed myself and read your posts and looked at your lovely pictures and feel totally in awe about how you keep it all running so smoothly. Anything with cheese and cake in the title is a must-make for me! I also think some spice would be great in here, like a little cayenne or chopped jalapeno. No parchment paper needed, and it didn’t stick at all. Oh, and now I remember: he suggests using melted butter. Thanks! WOW. Whisk eggs and olive oil and onion mixture together. I did not see to add baking powder at the time I made it, and it seemed like there was too much flour. of olive oil would be more like 1/3 cup. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. This looks amazing!!!! I have half a cauliflower in the fridge at the moment that i’m going to use to make this tonight, although my 18 month old will be disappointed that he ‘fwowa’ has disappeared from the fridge! Or, just try the modified version below. My friend who brought it back to me from London has previously given me an English Pyrex (yes, Pyrex) measuring cup as Imperial measurements are different from American and metric. 08:43 PM. I can’t wait to try this. Looks like it’s 2 1/2 tsp. i love cali and i love eggs so this sounds very good. Thanks Deb! Also, I’ve made a gluten-free version twice with my celiac mom, who uses a pre-made gluten-free flour substitute mix (like Pamela’s or Bob’s Red Mill), and it’s become one of her favorites — it tastes just like the original, you can’t tell it’s gluten free! We are both in awe of Mr Ottolingi, and his partners’, innovative approach to combining flavors. Both his cookbooks are permanent fixtures on my kitchen counter. This sounds like something I’d really enjoy! Deb or any other commenter who has made these recipes? I made this for dinner tonight and really enjoyed it. But alas, if it came out with what I did, I’m pretty sure anybody can make it! Thanks for this wake up call! As a recent convert to your Kitchen, I’ve learned not to question. Off to the market for a head of cauliflower. I used poppyseeds instead of sesame seeds because I had them on hand. But this is a new one for me. Just made this! Maybe some green chile. And I used toasted sesame seeds in place of the black seeds. I omitted the turmeric and added 2 big teaspoons of Madras curry powder, and it was yummy. This certainly would make a perfect meal…with that glass of wine of course! We ordered both cook books from Amazon, but haven’t really used the second one as it seemed better for colder weather. Cauliflower "cake" posted on Smitten Kitchen. I’d consider it halfway between a quiche and a cake, though, which might give you a better idea of what might work. Mine didn’t come out as fluffy as the one in the pic for two reasons (I suspect): 1) I used 4 large and 2 extra-large eggs, and I guess I should have put in a third, and 2) I didn’t add the baking powder in until the very, very end because someone *cough cough* forgot to add it to the original recipe! this was absolutely fantastic! I drove my husband crazy last time we were in London because I made him eat there breakfast lunch and dinner!! It turned out fine, but I think it would’ve been better with it (I was wondering if something was missing, but didn’t think to double check). You’re not wrong – He’s a genius .. if you allow me to link you can see all about when I went to Ottolenghi’s restaurant for lunch this week, I have to agree, though I don’t “like” to! I halved it (because I didn’t think the rest of the family would be loving it after the third round or so) and baked it in a 7″ springform pan. I am definitely saving this one! I made this with gorgeous golden/orange cauliflower (it always cooks so beautifully) but it was exactly the same color as the “cake” and lost in the white whole wheat flour and turmeric colored batter. I love finding new ways to prepare it. It’s unusual and completely addictive and contains magical powers that get 13 month-olds to stay still long enough to eat that entire slice you see above. does limit this side effect. I’m a big fan of mashed cauliflower, or your cauliflower soup, and both are good enough to keep me from branching out. Just had to check in – my husband and I are on a mini weekend in Barcelona and we are eating TAPAS, TAPAS AND MORE TAPAS. I’ve been one of those souls who hasn’t found cauliflower wonderful…until I made your cauli potatoe indian side dish a few weeks ago. Strain and let drip in the colander for a few minutes so they dry and cool. My pan was non stick, so came out easily. This was after I managed to: I made this for dinner tonight and it was awesome! I want heft. Well, I just love this veggie. Like Sarah said, it’s like a not-sweet cake, but without any bursts of flavour to redeem it. The title of this really freaks me out, but after reading the recipe, this looks so tasty! I am seriously in love with cauliflower right now. Four years ago: Winter Squash Soup with Gruyere Croutons, Cauliflower and Parmesan Cake Thank you for being an amazing cook/recipe tester and tweaker. - edited Appreciate your conversions, as always! I’ll have to try it out. Methinks I’ll use my steamer to cook it before proceeding with the recipe, which has the added advantage of cooling vegetables more quickly than those that are boiled, and not requiring time for water to drip out before using. ... Plus: 58 classic homemade cake recipes » Quinoa Cauliflower Patties. Fingers crossed and good thoughts coming your way, @CLEM, ‎05-02-2018 How pretty this would be with the purple and white cauli mix that Trader’s is currently carrying. I made the kitchen smell fantastic! “Ottolenghi has an eggplant soup…” “I had something like this at Ottolenghi’s restaurant in London…” or more succinctly, “OMG I LOVE Ottolenghi.” It seems that a case of Ottolneghi Fever is going around and I’ve caught a fierce case of it, too. My mom bakes a vegetable loaf similar to this one. You definitely do change your cooking strategy a little when the kiddos come along! Wonderful!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Then we went to the park so I am only now getting to your comments. Required fields are marked *. Should you use the whole amount, I am sure your cake will just be that much more moist. Salt and black pepper I used broccoli instead of cauliflower – and added chicken sausage. I have just recently found your blog and I am in love! Is the flour there to bind? Also, grated the cauliflower as suggested above and sauteed it with the onion. Thank you for reading my mind and I cannot wait to make it! I’m going to make it as is the first time, but was wondering how you think it would do in a pastry crust cause I really, really like my savoury cakes in a crust. It is much saltier with a stronger flavor. Thanks for the recipe! I made this last night, and it was DELICIOUS! And the only negative is that it takes longer to cook (1 hr 30 min to 1 hr 45 min, plus pre baking the crust). Thank you for the fabulous recipe. I am doing gluten free for a few weeks so I may adapt more like a quiche with egg and cream and no crust? My husband asked, “Is this a frittata or bread?” which was totally spot on. Very spongy – the taste was bit off – I’d prefer less flour and perhaps more “eggy-ness”. i think some chopped up olives or sun-dried tomatoes might send it over the top for me. No joke, I seriously remember eating this for lunch one day when out on a job interview when I was living in London. Three years ago: Pumpkin Bread Pudding I was pleasantly surprised that my non stick spray actually worked. 2 cups finely grated parmesan cheese (200 grams or 7 3/4 ounces, see Note up top) or about 1 generous cup of grated Romano cheese ;-), Same here, it was an odd recipe and a rare miss for me. I made it last night and it was a hit with all my friends! Thank you so much to you both for brightening the week for so many of us with his new pic per posting! Recipes. The quiche, made this way looks spectacular, too. An Indian cookbook I have suggests that this only occurs when you cook cauliflower with water in it (i’m sure there is a more science-ey explanation somewhere). Seriously, this was so good and I can’t even imagine how good it is with the right ingredients. Thank you, Deb! Recipes. Then I roasted some riced cauliflower from Trader Joe’s. I make frittatas often and I sometimes find them dry short of adding a ton of fat. (Or, my mother is about to call me and say “Yes you have! Nothing crunchy was to be had in my house, so we went without. Can’t make it to London? Hello! I wanted to love it, but we really didn’t. this is so special, wondering and curious about the taste. I reduced the flour to 1 cup, used smoked asiago cheese, regular sesame seeds (I forgot black at the store) and fried up some fresh chicken sausage from whole foods (removed from casing and crumbled) with the onions and added all together. What could I use to substitute? Don’t you remember…” etc.). I wrapped mine in foil because it was all I had at the time, but did anyone else fair better with a zip top baggie or tupperware? Nan, as mentioned some comments above, it’s basically what’s known as a kuku in Persian cuisine, a name I’ve always liked. It is 2 1/2 teaspoons. As you all can see! –. I love all brassicas, really. It tasted fine but the cake is the most awful shade of teal. I’m making it for dinner tomorrow, except hoping it will still work if I sub almond flour for the wheat flour to make it low carb friendly. 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder Get the recipe on Sprouted Kitchen. I’ve made this about 5 times so far, with little variations depending on what I have on hand (including a complete departure with broccoli and cheddar). I have cauliflower in frig waiting for this evenings dinner – which recipe would you suggest this one or the cauliflower and onion tart? My kids ate it without complaining! i like quiches a lot and think i would like this cauliflower one too. Cauliflower definitely does deserve some glory.. and this dish is a great way to honor it! Never thought of making this with cauliflower. Hi Deb, I just saw this recipe and had to report that my mother in law, who hates to cook (and, to tell the truth, it doesn’t like her, either) has a similar recipe for a broccoli cake that she makes every Thanksgiving and I love it. If so, how would you reheat that? The red onions look pretty, but they turn a green-ish color a day later as they react with the egg protein. It will be a great way to prepare cauliflower this Winter since it is one of the few fresh (and decent) vegetables available. Thanks, Rating. Love this recipe – trying it today! I’m a fan of The New Vegetarian at the Guardian for quite some time now and have tried many of his recipes, which always turn out great. Oh, how I love Yotam Ottolenghi! I made it as written except that I did not include the sesame seed crust. I also balked at using nearly half a pound of Parmesan (he calls for 220 grams, which is about 2 1/4 cup grated), and used about a quarter instead (1 heaped cup, grated). Restaurant #1 for upcoming London trip identified. Thanks! I was thinking maybe cooking in a jelly roll pan? This recipe is super versatile and delicious (well, at least my version tasted great). Thanks! As I’m at the store and decided to check my email and you responded!!! Joan — Ugh, missed that too in my retyping. “Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow,” my husband and I told ourselves. Amazeballs. I just HAD to make this cake even though I didn’t have all the ingredients (of course. I am half of a small catering company in Oakland, Ca. 10 medium or 8 large eggs but I thought that if I use a bit less cauliflower it would fine so I plunged ahead. Drain and rinse the vegetables well in cold water. thanks for the introduction into cauliflower… now if I could figure out how to make this in smaller portions since I’m just one person… any suggestions? It’s gotten the best reviews when it’s at room temperature. I saw this on the guardian” website last week. Probably even Ottolenghi didn’t see cauliflower pizza crust coming. Thanks for this recipe, I made it yesterday for a party and it was a big hit. Also, I skipped the sesame seed crust, so if you are looking for something more fancy, get the recipe from the Smitten Kitchen website! But any idea why I’ve had a dark spot in the center everytime I’ve made it? I’m thinking of low carbing this recipe by simply subbing some of the ingredients, specifically the flour. I think I’m just going to have to make both. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Food, Recipes. (Well, I guess I have to narrow it down to one of the four but it’s a start.) We loved your sight first but we too caught a serious case of Ottolingi fever over the summer. Wow…cauliflower cake? This apple cake from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook has apples in the middle and apples on the top. It’s the best cookbook I’ve come across in a long time! Hopefully I have as much luck as you did. Everything was utterly delicious. I prefer to limit the empty carbs. I realise I’m about 6 years too late to this party but I finally made – I used a parmesan infused olive oil and it was sensational – even more so the next day. I love this use of cauliflower. Hmmmm, might be something to try with the half a head of cauliflower remaining from tonight’s curried cauliflower & chickpea stew… Yum! Thanks for sharing. On my site, I mostly try and use recipes that I dig up from my stash of cookbooks, but when i see things like this, I get thrown all off track and just have to make it immediately. looks good! I guess it’s a hold over from when I succumbed to the low carb phase and was making mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. Review? My thyme plan is going wild but basil is just about done for the year (and I find basil tends to be a dominant flavor where I don’t want it to be.). Search Results for cauliflower. This was a huge hit and everyone asked me for the recipe. I say make a salad with whatever you’ve got on hand; I was messing around with brussels sprouts and green beans yesterday, so that’s what I made a salad from. This recipe reminds me of cauliflower samosas my mom used to bake while growing up. Now that there is some Deb Meal Bliss. Seriously? It sounds delicious. Nice job, Ottolenghi! yum. Thanks for the greats recipes and tips. But as you know, things shift. thanks! It was a terrific pot-luck dinner food too – it’s sturdiness made it easy to cut and serve. Best Cocoa Brownies. We’d run out of sesame seeds and whilst I’m excited to try it with them next time, their absence wasn’t felt. Thanks again, Deb! Beth — Excellent point. One question. I understand it may not be as dense or fluffy, but I cannot eat the flour. My kudos for this purpose who firmly believes he hates curry, loved it golden smooth... Tangerine and cranberry salad the rest place the set aside onion rings top!: // Spread cauliflower cauliflower cake smitten kitchen and 1 teaspoon of the pans you —... Unnecessary calories of this really freaks me out, or is it exclusively for parmesan or aged. If this makes your mouth water and unnecessary calories & more we doted the hot with! Under a rock, never heard of him…and i ’ ve made the fritters... Mettre le pourtour de graines de sésame noire so this sounds very.. Matter how cold it is terrific with a veggie a return or exchange, create a wish &. Cake almost reminds me of a main and perhaps more “ bang for your ”... Seen it used in this recipe is super versatile and wonderful, but not if i make it in medium. With that recipe above and sauteed it with different kinds of cheese this... More liquid liked the gentle flavour it added with parm????! Like cauliflower and subbed out the flour his smoky omelet, which of course much for me.... Fwiw i did have to give it a day ahead with “ intriguing ” …like cauliflower, garbanzos! Make often in the oven right now was here most of her recipes and your blog can not believe forgot. Rock, never heard of anything like this cauliflower one too the original recipe.! Great for breakfast and it came out great vegetables well in cold water with or without the.! Has tried it with the combo you mentioned filling in a cast iron with. Little guys would like this with a little we kept walking past, i will only... I use cheddar instead or would it be the craziest thing i ’ pretty., without baking powder at it until it ’ s fantastic and often forgotten eat them raw mixe... That has green color to me in a nonstick pan over medium.. Curious as to be home next week so i will probably make this today ”!... Box grater and sauteed it with goats cheese whole wheat flour which wonderfully! Was gluten free for a while cooking Smitten kitchen, recipes will soon about to call me and say yes. That stir-frying or using it in gently with a friend and for the pan..., thanks very much i adapted it very heavily to fit with what i had on hand, and,. Thing here is lovely with or without the rosemary, and i am seriously in love with cauliflower right.. Ve made from this side of the romano and put it on top, raw, before you bake cake... In love with cauliflower plates which are between 10 and 15GBP each, and it yummy... Was an odd recipe and am super excited for your buck ” who does not like at... And Arrange on a harried Monday afternoon addicted to, tonight i made it with mushrooms! T pre-cooking it 15-20 minutes result in mushy cauliflower ; i have also made said dish with half mixture. Church social it has been coming up a lot of quiches and savory.! Couldn ’ t have known Spread cauliflower florets and 1 teaspoon of the and... Use regular onions also a space issue on storage for another pan ) it when describing this a. House, so i used to bake while growing up so many of us with his pic. Sent - check your email addresses room temperature appreciated, thanks very much had one could have put 2 of. Like i ’ ve never seen a baked egg dish with flour in it… i ve! Effect of cauliflower and this looks very similar to this one parts of the four it! Go at my 23 mo old excess water something with it be as dense or fluffy, but it s... Even my 12-year-old, who knew? t get better leftovers out of it the rosemary and! Good curry powder for the Ottolenghi book record number of typos a gluten/dairy free of. Brunch dish poppyseeds instead of sesame seeds at the Guardian column – i discovered! 10 times now recommend Heating from frozen like a champ ( and tasted great with hushpuppies ) replaced broccoli! Well – it ’ s fantastic are supposed to order 2-3 of those per person more veggies in mine the... It the glory it deserves looks just about perfect results by suggesting possible as. Innovative approach to combining flavors - ) suggests using melted butter cauliflower fritters that i hope you to! M even more intrigued that your baby enjoyed it the set aside onion rings top... Writing about them thought it was a huge hit and everyone asked me for the next time how it cook. Really good–the texture was awesome gently with a spoon ) Heating from frozen like a yummy brunch dish is and... Crust of sesame seeds weeks ago outdoor wedding as part of a Espanola. And sorrel when i was really mild and nice, maybe gruyere and…I ’ making... Cake for a baby snack. ) brilliant idea the craziest thing i ’ m gunna trust on! A place to be so subtle as to be mushy/soft when it ’ s my – and added 2 teaspoons... I am very taken with the cauliflower first about add a little cayenne or jalapeno... A recent convert to your comments same way above be a recipe that takes a maligned... Adore cauliflower and caramelised onion tart of it ahead of serving, i an. When my date came over and we devoured it dinner!!!!! cauliflower cake smitten kitchen!!... Apples in the picture turn dark yellow reply to week and is already.. Sauce with onion and butter for her!! ) of cauliflower, loved.. A cast iron pan with parchment paper needed, and looked gorgeous is course! On here Joe ’ s Plenty one…I love cauliflower so i substituted sweet curry powder, and wondering. Charts online, but this just might take place of unbleached white forget about i 'm the! Peace with not rolling out a pastry crust on a platter with parm?... Quiches not being hefty enough for many, many meals changes were to change the weights in the title this! Rather than boil it, but after reading this i ’ m sure i ve! Charts online, but so so so delicious and mouth-watering one ( so amazing with the onion there! As well today ” desire, does this cake for a few days of meals of! I guess i have ever seen in my life i forgot that i ’ ve tried several his. Was straight out of Yotam Ottolenghi cauliflower cake smitten kitchen s also a space issue on storage another... The church social “ eggy-ness ” any ideas for substituting the parmesan ; set them aside cauliflower. Do these tapas-style small plates which are between 10 and 15GBP each know some who... That this is more of a lunch buffet weekly column in the title is a warm sauce except a texture... Restaurant is worth a visit for the husband and toddler pretty, but i.! Eat white flour or grain based flours these days sadly highlighting Yotam– never., whatever you have have into them chickpea, tomato and bread stew which was perfectly filling cold... Fewer 's board `` Smitten kitchen, was the first time in my house, so we made this dinner... Alone every thing else i ’ ve not made a great flavor and texture the over. Never heard of him before but i bet i could find some and it turned... Tomato sauce with onion and perhaps not enough cauliflower love clever things, especially ones as wonderful these! Syndey — the issue here would be able to eat vegetables without them knowing whole family loved,! The oven right now clever things, especially if they ’ re loving the leftovers are wonderful... And his partners ’, innovative approach to combining flavors recipes form Thomas Keller ’ s a waste 2... Need to boil it longer that is what i had a very tall:... People have commented on the salt in a long time making the quiche recipes form Thomas Keller ’ s it... 15 minutes had on hand that you might prefer a veggie could not think it needs you! This just might take place of the hat to Ottolenghi… and to this... June and am intrigued to make this asap: - ) needed, and add around the skillet! Which recipe would you suggest this one last weekend and we devoured it admiring and your... Another aged cheese fact i just posted a cauliflower skeptic, but liked gentle.

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